Wild West Slots


Wild West Slots

Wild West est une machine à sous 5 rouleaux et 30 lignes de paiement avec des tours gratuits et des jeux bonus. Le jackpot maximum que vous pouvez gagner est de 100,000 pièces.

Utilisez les flèches "+" et "-" de chaque côté du champ "Lines" pour choisir le nombre de lignes de paiement sur lesquelles vous voulez parier et jouer.

En jouant plus de lignes, vous augmentez les gains possibles pour les différentes combinaisons gagnantes.

Une fois que vous avez placé votre mise, cliques sur le bouton "Spin".

Le bouton "Auto Roll" permet de lancer automatiquement les rouleaux jusqu'à ce que vous cliquiez à nouveau sur ce bouton.

Wild West Slots

Wild West is a 5-reel, 30 payline slot machine game with Free spins and Bonus Game. The Wild West slot machine game will fill you full of joy with it's massive 100,000 coin jackpot.

Use the "+" and "-" arrow buttons on either side of the "Lines" box at the bottom of the screen to select the number of paylines you wish to play and place your bet.
Playing more lines helps your chances to increase your winnings when you hit any of the winning combinations stated in the Pay Table, see below for Pay Table instructions in the Slots Features section.

Once you have placed your bet and selected your paylines, just click the "Spin" button to spin the reels. Alternatively you may use the "Bet Max" option mentioned in the slots features section below.

An additional 5 Reel Slots feature includes the "Auto Roll" button which when clicked on will automatically spin the reels using the selected coin denomination and payline bet until you click on it again to turn it off.

Bonus Games

Once you have earned 500 bonus points you may play the target practice bonus game.
You have 6 shots and 8 targets to choose from to win as many credits as you can before you run out of time.

Once you have earned 1000 bonus points you may play the target practice bonus game with moving targets.
You have 6 shots to shoot as many targets as you can and win as many credits as you can before you run out of time.

When you get 1 or more Scatter icons, you qualify to win free spins. Simply select one of the gunman's bullet holes to win your free spins.

When you get a line of Wanted icons, you qualify to play the shootout bonus game. Shoot your opponent before he shoots you. The longer you wait, the higher you stand to win. Don't wait too long though or you'll become Swiss cheese. The more Wanted icons you have per line, the bigger your winnings will be. Get 5 Wanted icons to qualify for the 10,000 dual.